Want to Make a Social Media Viral Video? Here’s How!

If you’ve been on social media today, chances are, you saw a viral video.

These days, it seems like there’s always a new puppy doing something cute, or a kid saying something funny, or just an overall feel-good moment being shared. When content like this gets shared repeatedly, it becomes viral and gets the attention of millions of people.

Some videos seem to go viral overnight, and often fade just as fast. Others will gather a following a little more steadily and are more memorable, too.

Either way, most companies in and around San Diego and all of the country dream of creating something that becomes instantly popular in that way, but they aren’t sure how to make it happen. There are some fundamental steps to making a social media viral video, regardless of how it catches fire or how long it sticks around.

Establish the Goal

First things first, you must know what you want your social media viral video to do. Are you trying to stand up for a social cause? Do you want to give your brand recognition a significant boost? Think about this long and hard. The clearer and more defined your goal is, the better the social media viral video’s execution will be. However, be careful not to make the goal all about you.

Take a moment to put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Consider what people are interested in watching, and what they need to watch. Imagine how you want them to feel, what kind of reactions you are expecting, and how you can make your video something people will buy into.

Such details will create a strong connection, which is often the difference between someone liking an average video that is just okay, or them sharing a video that becomes viral.

Create Something Amazing

To create a social media viral video, you must create something amazing.

Think about all the content the average user sees in a day. Most people spend about two hours every day scrolling, clicking, and otherwise interacting with YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. If you want to stand out among everything they see, you have to create a video worth watching.

There are steps you can take, to ensure you have one of those videos.

Hire a Professional Video Production Agency

If you don’t know your way around a video camera, how to light and set up the scene, and make all the edits, you need professional support. Invest in the people who work in video production day in and day out.

They will have all the tools necessary to make your social media viral video. This isn’t just about technical equipment and editing software. The right San Diego team will have an eye for video making; they will know what users want to see, and how to make this come to life to match your goals.

Pay Attention to Detail

As helpful as a video production agency is, they can’t do all the work for you. You have to provide some insight at every stage of the production process.

Include your production team in the goal-setting stage of your social media viral video. Bounce ideas off each other regarding the kind of message you really want to send and how to put it together. Then, keep an eye on things as the production process takes center stage.

Maybe you get a brilliant idea as you watch the team work, or maybe the project leader on the agency’s side has a thought they need your approval on. This goes for shooting as well as editing. The more closely you work together, the better the final outcome will be.

Trim the Fat

As all the pieces come together, there’s going to be material that gets cut out. That’s just how viral videos go.

Think about it, you only have two or three seconds to catch a user’s attention, and every second after that must be deeply engaging. There’s no room for fluff. Get to the point and present it in a way people can easily get excited about.

Be Genuine

At every stage of the production process, be genuine. Don’t try to make a social media viral video if you’re just trying to make a sale. Although revenue may be a result, it shouldn’t be what drives this project.

Go deeper. Consider sharing your company’s mission and values. Give users a real-life look at what you’re talking about, whether that be an internal initiative or a cause or current event you’re passionate about.

Tug at the audience’s heartstrings, not their wallets.

Share Your Social Media Viral Video with Everyone

Think you’ve made the perfect video to go viral? Only one way to find out, post it and start sharing immediately!

There are a few tips to keep in mind as you do so.

Find the Right Channel

The best place to go viral is arguably Facebook.

But, what if you first generate a following for your video on YouTube, and then link to the video on Facebook? Could you use your Instagram and Twitter platform to create further exposure, too?

Get creative with how you go about reaching viral status.

Sometimes, it’s better for this to take a little bit of extra time than for people to go crazy over your video one day then forget about it the next.

Create Your Moment

No matter how long your viral video is in circulation, remember, there will be a viral video that catches fire afterward. There is always new content entering the digital space and getting attention, often diverting that attention from what users were interested in before.

As such, you can’t rely on your social media viral video. However, you can use it as a way to create your moment. Think of this like your online fifteen minutes of fame.

Even if it’s only for a week or so, everyone will be talking about the video you created. How do you plan to leverage that exposure moving forward? How can you make it the most effective it can be before you even publish anything?

These are two crucial questions to contemplate during the production process.

Meet Your Video Production Agency

It’s one thing to know how to make a video go viral in theory, and another to understand it in practice. It’s time to put these steps to the test and create the social media viral video you’ve been dreaming of.

But, you’re going to need some help along the way.

If you have any other questions please contact our San Diego video marketing team today.

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