Video Marketing Accelerator

Video Production


Yes, you read it right. This is a program where our team will take care of every aspect of your video campaign.

Our team spends thousands of dollars every year on marketing education so we can apply the strategies being thought by the industry authorities.

What is VMA?

Video Marketing Accelerator

Video Production

For Marketing

Video Views

How it works

Video Optimization

A video revision with 90 days of your campaign running.

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Video View Strategy

The VMA strategy is designed in a way that you take your audience through the process of knowing, liking and trusting you based on our Video View Strategy.

Your New Business in 90 Days.

For the entrepreneur that has proven their approach on the "off-line world" and now is looking to explode it with Video Marketing.

This is our 90-day program where we will have your Video Marketing Funnel.

It includes up to five days of shooting throughout the 90 days period.

With our Content Creation Process, we will help you learn and understand how we are going to extract the content out of you and your business.

This program includes:

-Corporate Videos
Sales Funnel
VSL (Video Sales Letter)
Call To Action

-Personal Branding
3x3 Know, Like and Trust
Educational - Foundation
Authority Alignment
Hero/Business Show Case
Behind the Scenes


But that is not all.

Besides creating your video assets, our team will help you PUBLISH and ANALYSE it's performance to later on make all video OPTIMIZATION necessary.


This is how our team is able to achieve excellent results with a unique experience for the business owner.

From writing the content to shooting your videos and analyzing it's performance.

Our Done-For-You Video Campaign.

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Script Writing

Content Creation Process

You already know your process, your industry... With our content creation process, we will be able to educate your prospects on Why they need your solution.

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Automate your processes

A video version of "you"

Tired of spending time explaining the same processes to your prospects and clients?

You can automate onboarding calls and your sales process with video.

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Program Schedule

Within 12 weeks your business with a complete Video Campaign

Briefing & Planning

Week 1 to Week 4

Let's figure out your core message. 
Decide on the visual of your brand.
Organize your Foundation Content
Planning and organizing of shooting days

Shooting Period

Week 4 - 5

This is the time to get in front of the camera.
Whether you are on camera yourself or using actors, our crew will organize and produce the necessary video shooting to capture your business on camera.

Post Production and Publishing

Week 6 - 10

Every week we publish a new layer of your content, going from the business branding and personal branding introduction to the foundation content and call to actions. This is when your content goes out to the world.

Analysis and Optimization

Week 11 & 12

Everything can always get better. At this point we will work with you analyzing the entire campaign to make all the necessary optimization.

Still not sure?

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