Five Reasons San Diego Videographers Are A Must-Have At Your Next Event

Do you want to know something interesting about videos? They now account for 74% of all web traffic.

From that stat alone, it’s easy to see why companies use this trend to expand their influence. So, how can you use this knowledge for your future business events?

Well, if you want more eyes on your company, pictures aren’t enough to bring them in. Skilled videographers are a must when you have a big public event planned.

Not everyone can attend your company events. Space limitations prohibit the number of people that can attend, and San Diego is a long way from most of the rest of the country. Because of this, it’s guaranteed loyal customers will miss out.

So why should you limit the number of people who can see your party? You want as many eyes as possible on the event that you are planning. Here are five reasons why hiring a San Diego videographer for your events is a smart thing to do.

  1. Building the Hype for Your Event

For a minute, think about how bad it would be to visit a business gathering, only to find few people in attendance.

Unless your company is famous for grand gatherings, building excitement is a priority. A skilled event videographer can help you by capturing footage of the initial stages.

Consider how popular “behind the scenes” videos can be. They show a human side to big productions. It also makes your company more relatable to the average user.

Look at how recent movie trailers are now preceded by teasers. It’s not only a method to raise awareness, but to get people excited for the full trailer.

You can also use those hype building tactics to encourage people to pre-order tickets. The videos can double as hype commercials and inform people where your event is taking place.

Making your video relevant to the core purpose of your gathering is important. Style is good, but it has to have a focused message driving it.

  1. Becoming the Viral Event of the Season

Viral videos do incredible things for companies that seek exposure. In your case, a shareable video can function as both a hype tool and promotional material. When you use video, you reach out to more people than if you used a simple post. Over 76% of people say they are willing to share branded videos with friends.

If you plan it right, San Diego videographers can capture the highlights of your event. You can make surprise announcements and even capture funny moments.

Remember: Relatable and exciting content tend to connect better with people.

For instance, if you have guest speakers or loyal customers in attendance, you can give them a bit of spotlight. San Diego is a popular tourist destination, so chances are people will want to come to your event. Personal interviews with those speakers is an opportunity for them to promote you.

Recording testimonials from customers at the event is also useful. It’s a casual way to present your company in a positive light through people who trust your brand.

  1. Videographers Are Amazing Brand Storytellers

When you hire a San Diego videographer, they help you build your brand through a narrative. You can have all the video content you want, but if it’s jumbled, then it means nothing.

Professional videographers in San Diego capture important moments in long events and weave them into stories.

That narrative is a means to reinforce your company’s message in the mind of potential customers. What do you want to highlight during the event? Are there relevant social issues you want to talk about? Is there a reason why your event is important to your customers?

While you show off those moments, people will begin to associate your brand with what they feel.

Branded videos of company events can also attract future partners. As more people spread your videos, your brand becomes more pronounced. Companies which can complement your business won’t ignore growing popularity.

  1. You Can Bring More Positive Attention to Important Issues

Your parties don’t always have to be about exciting new product reveals. Setting up a charity event which people can take part in, is as effective as PR gatherings.

Think about the old call-in shows that used to air on television. Big companies were sponsors, but they still served a good cause.

One way to achieve this is through streaming, which has taken the place of live TV events. The thing is, setting up a live-stream event is a complicated process.

A San Diego videographer for a live stream event can bring their camera, set-up, and use their expertise to frame your presenters, so they won’t look awkward. At the same time, they know when to cut away to the core activity of your charity.

Is it a 10k run or something like the video game charity event Games Done Quick? You need to emphasize the message of your charity in your videos. Which is why a professional touch is absolutely necessary for your success.

  1. Using Old Event Footage to Build Up the Next Event

Pulling of a successful video campaign is a difficult task, but it does produce hours of raw footage. It would be a waste not to use the highlights in the future.

Let’s say you’re planning a crucial product launch party that’s open to the public. You can remind people of the best highlights in previous gatherings.

Making a new video campaign that incorporates past success shows off confidence. The callbacks can also trigger people’s positive feelings for your company.

Who better to highlight good memories than an event videographer who has worked with you in the past?

Making a Long Lasting Impression

The biggest benefit of videos is that serve as a reference point for your business. Setting up a company YouTube or Vimeo profile means your events can last forever.

If you’re clever and plan well enough, your content can also move peoples’ emotions, but the task at hand is figuring out how you can do that through your events.

San Diego Videographers help you to sculpt your live event into great memories. That’s an advantage you can’t afford to ignore.

Are you still having trouble figuring out the advantages of video? Well, we’re here to help you understand. Get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for you.

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