Video Marketing for Business: Top Tips You Need to Know for the Rest of 2018

Video marketing has become popular among businesses worldwide. Companies are putting out 18 videos a month on average. They also have an average of 293 videos in their library.

Now that videos are a marketing staple, just like every other platform, there are trends that need to be capitalized on. Here are the ones your business needs to keep an eye on and adopt in 2018.

Prioritize Youtube. People spend up to a billion hours watching videos. (

Prioritize YouTube

YouTube’s popularity is proof that San Diego video marketing has always been a favorite channel among consumers. It is becoming even more of a popular platform due to the rise of live videos both on Periscope and Facebook.

YouTube’s viewing figures show that people spend up to a billion hours watching videos. With people gaining celebrity fame on the platform, and videos suiting everyone’s needs, this number will likely surge higher in 2018.


Variety of Formats

Almost everyone has a favorite way of learning new information.

Some people are visual learners, whereas others want to see the written word in order to gather information. If your organization wants to reach a wider audience, then it will need to deliver valuable content in a variety of formats.

Delivering content in a variety of ways will ultimately allow you to capture a larger audience because you are catering to the different ways people prefer to learn new information.


Visual Learning

Many people prefer to learn through visual methods, which is why sites like YouTube and TED have become so wildly popular. These types of users like videos where they can either gain insight from a how-to video or simply see an image of an actual person providing relevant information.

Also, these people often prefer images that contain helpful information such as charts and graphs. Slideshows or presentations are another way of providing the visual cues preferred by this component of your audience.

It is certainly possible, and even desirable, that you consistently offer the same content in a variety of formats. What might catch the interest of one person, might be overlooked by another, because the delivery method did not match with their preference.

By offering a variety of delivery methods, you can meet the needs of a wider audience, which is a good thing.


Facebook is Gaining Steam

This isn’t a shocking statement when you consider the growing number of videos being shared on the platform, and with Facebook Live being used to stream events in real time.

However, it’s going a step further with its Watch platform, where people can see original shows right on Facebook, and even have a watchlist to keep up with episodes.


Step into Virtual Reality

This phenomenon isn’t just for gamers anymore as gadgets such as the Samsung Gear VR have made it accessible and exciting for mainstream audiences.

Businesses are also using virtual reality to showcase their services in refreshing ways.

Though virtual reality still has a long way to go to be accepted, by the end of 2018 we’ll likely understand this platform more. So, look into it and see if it’s for your business


Insta-Stories and Snap-Stories

YouTube is looking to capitalize on these short snippets with Reels, which according to the YouTube Creator Blog, is their spin on the popular “stories” format but designed specifically for YouTube creators.

There’s one major difference Reels has over Snapchat and Instagram stories though, and that is the Reels don’t expire after a period of time. YouTube Reels can be watched as often as regular videos.


Set a Hook on the Five-Second Mark

YouTube allows for several advertisement options, however, signing up for unskippable ads can severely limit the reach of your marketing budget. Instead, test out new campaigns with ads that viewers can skip.

This helps you get better statistics about the viability of new material since you can measure skips and the duration of views, not simply how often viewers click on the screen.

Skippable ads have a clickable ‘Skip Ad’ button five seconds into a video, so take that format into consideration. If you have a speaker in the middle of an entertaining sentence or use it to lead into an exciting action shot, your viewers might stick around to see what happens next.

However, avoid operating purely off shock value. Viewers that fall within your target market might see the same ad several times, and you don’t want it to become aggravating.


Use Music that Sounds Like a Contemporary Song

If your advertisements can come before music videos, then using music yourself is a great way to get your advertisement noticed in a positive way. People listening to several music videos in a row are probably working on other things and using music for background noise.

If you use quality music at the beginning of your video, then viewers may flip over to the YouTube tab to figure out the song, and stick around for the rest of the ad.


Go live streaming. Live videos can help you reach your consumers on a much more personal level, and it shows how accessible you are to them

Live Videos

Live videos give the company a chance to engage with their consumers by the masses. One example of the success of video marketing is what is happening on Elephant Journal’s Facebook page.

Waylon Lewis does a video a couple of times a day. Every day he engages with his audience and gets a feel for how they are feeling, and how they interact with his company.

All these people who have never made an effort in the past to engage with the CEO of the Elephant Journal, now get to engage with him twice a day.

A lot of companies have used live video as a way to have a semi-regular schedule in their engagements.

Mashable has a live video they host every Friday on Facebook, with their host drawing and entertaining the crowd. It is entertaining for both the consumer and those that are hosting the live video.

People are more likely to engage and spark interest in what they have to say. A live video can help you reach your consumers on a much more personal level, and it shows how accessible you are to them.


Enhance Your Video Marketing for Business

Different platforms need different marketing videos. Just like you would customize material for different audiences, demographics, and broadcasting channels, every advertisement and video needs to be built according to where you’re posting it online.

Facebook videos need to be short, graphically exciting and translate well without sound. YouTube videos on your channel need to be informative, instantly recognizable, and easy to follow.

Improving your video marketing for business can increase your business output. To learn more, please contact our San Diego videographers.


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