Video Marketing Acceleration Program: A Done For You Solution

The Best Way to Create High-Quality Video Assets Without Wasting All Your Time 

Businesses encounter new problems each day, but one issue we found when we spoke to our customers was that they struggled to create effective video campaigns. It was common for them to assemble some videos, run them through Facebook, but not see a strong ROI (return on investment).

From this simple problem, we diagnosed the common mistakes within their campaigns and formulated a solution that could turn their advertising efforts into effective sales machines.


Understanding the Marketing Process

video marketing accelerator program - a solution done for youVideos may be great for building a trusting relationship with your audience, but you still need to follow a process of doing this. The most common problem we would find in the campaigns we analyzed is that they went for the sale far too soon. This is a recipe for scaring off a customer, and something we advise against.

Instead, we like to have 3 phases to our campaigns.

The first phase is about brand awareness, which means we want to make the lead know and like you. In these videos, we tend to focus on talking about what the business does and how it is relevant to the customer. Generally, these are targeted to cold audiences, and we always keep this in mind.

Our next step is to build a foundation of trust with the audience. This comes by educating the audience and starting to show them you have solutions. Additionally, we produce educational content, interviews and more to ensure you are positioned as an authority within your industry.

Only then are we ready to go for the sale, but at this point, your audience is practically begging you to sell to them. This is what happens when you approach your audience the right way.


There's no time to learn how to create video campaigns. There's a system done for you. Use it.


There is No Time

Learning how to create video campaigns is not usually our target audience’s goal. They have no interest in going through a course, building the skills, and becoming great videographers/marketers in this regard.

It is too much work, and honestly not worth it when there are so many other things they need to be focusing on. This is exactly why we decided to make our solution “done for you” rather than a course our clients could go through.





The End Goal of Our Efforts

Hopefully, by the time we are done working with a client and taking them through our Video Marketing Acceleration Program, they have a successful campaign on their hands.

In this day and age, it can be difficult to keep up with the evolving strategies in the advertising world, and this is exactly why we advise our clients to take the path less traveled. Rather than blindly dumping money into Facebook and trying to out-compete companies with much larger budgets, we want them creating high-quality video assets that will help them consistently kill their competition.

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