Video Branding: How You Can Grow Your Company

Video Branding: How You Can Grow Your Company

From 2011 to 2015, consumer trust in online video increased from 31% to 47%. This was one of the biggest jumps in North American advertising at the time, right next to brand sponsorships, ads before movies, and TV program product placement. Therefore, branded video is pretty important for your business.

Are you aware of how much value video branding could bring to your San Diego business? Provided you do it the right way, it can be an invaluable resource in bringing your company to the next level.

Create Your Graphic Design Identity

If you are wondering what your graphic design identity is, simply put, it is what makes your customers immediately recognize that what they are seeing is part of your company without a doubt.

It is everything from your typeface to your brand colors to additional graphic elements that are unique to your brand. For instance, does your business use quote boxes, underlining, a bunch of italics, or different framing and setup? These are crucial questions to ask of your business.

As for visual, you will want to brand that as well. Do you keep everything natural or do you have a specific brand filter you use all the time? Use your social media history to create your long-form video branding.

Your business style must be conveyed easily and obviously in your video content. Are you sleek and stylish, or old-school and comfortable? Also figuring out your primary target audience, if you haven’t already, helps with this part of the branding process.

Branded Voice and Personality are Key

After you figure out the design visuals, it’s time to nail down your brand’s voice and demeanor.

You should already have a general sense of your brand voice from previous videos and written copy but, defining specifically how it sounds and feels aids in future tasks like casting and animation.

Is your brand funny and light or serious and formal? Is your audience more down-to-Earth or high and mighty? Again, your primary target audience is key to developing your branded voice.

Once your personality is figured out, it makes the rest of the steps inherently easier.

Reuse Current Footage and Audio

Odds are, you have previous videos and audio files that are not optimized for your brand. Luckily, you can use this content now, with the addition of branding.

If you do not have a centralized collection of these piece of content, you should begin to create one. Parts of videos from earlier events or commercials, audio clips from interviews, webinars, or in-person seminars about your industry, and other bits of content are great for branded video.

This is even more imperative when it comes to content you can use over and over again. Things like bumper footage, which is the beginning or ending of your video that identifies your brand, logo animations, and background for titles are great for repeatable pieces. Also, pre-purchased music and constantly-used sound bites are extremely useful for future videos.

Use all of this previously created content liberally. Also, you will want to optimize it with your new video branding strategy.

Make Sure Video Crew Delivers

When working with a video production crew in San Diego, you need to make sure you are all on the same page. With video traffic increasing like never before, your branded videos need to stand out in the crowd. Make sure the crew can offer certain deliverables.

Depending on end-use, your video could be used for online distribution, events, in-person demonstrations, or broadcast TV. For any of these, you will need specific qualities that go into your recorded video:

720p, 1080p, or higher resolution (maybe 4K)
WMV formatting
Audio specs, preferably 48kHz stereo level or higher
File-naming convention
Working files for all video deliveries

You will want to touch base with the video crew continuously to stay updated with your various video projects.

Casting and Characters Need to Be Right

Spokespeople or representatives must mirror your brand 100%. Convey your expectations, brand voice and personality, and any special requests for the people who will be in your videos. Should they depict your primary target audience or a particular character within your branded content? Remember that everything your customers see is a reflection of your company as a whole.

Age, gender, ethnicity, and other factors play a part in the feel of your branded videos. Therefore, it is vital to get the right representative for your brand, even if it is an animated character.

For animated characters, create a character that’s on-brand. Something that literally embodies the brand personality and voice. Be careful not to pigeonhole yourself however. Make sure to stay relatable to your audience and customers and never alienate anyone.

How to Distribute Your Content

Next on your list of video branding is digital distribution. This involves managing people to do certain tasks for uploading and updating your branded video content.

Determine who will create thumbnails, who will post clips to social media, who will handle the release of the actual content, and much more. Some, if not most, of these could very well fall into the video production crew’s hands. However, you will need to convey what you want from them, otherwise it’s up to you and your team.

How your content is released and what it looks like to your customers is obviously the most important factor. So, ensure this step is rock solid.

General Guidelines

Lastly, some pieces of advice that could be intuitive but still must be mentioned:

Do not modify your logos or brand animations to fit criteria only to have it look bad in the end.
Decide on the quality of images and other visuals that are deemed acceptable.
Be sure to differentiate yourself from the pack but maintain your brand.
Keep the customer experience in mind always.

These are simple rules to follow, so follow them. It will be amazing to see the difference video branding brings to your overall marketing strategy!

Use Video Branding to Enhance Your Business’ Value

Hopefully, this all-inclusive guide gives you a path to creating excellent branded video content for your San Diego business. Your company thrives on amazing marketing and video branding is right now one of the most important ways you can market. So, make sure your video is optimized for relaying what your brand stands for and does.

For more information and help regarding branded video, check out our complete video branding guide!

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