The Secret of a Successful Marketing Campaign

The Secret of a Successful Marketing Campaign

Just like porn, a lot of the marketing ads that you see online are completely fake. And you might already know that but it doesn’t mean that your brain won't get excited about seeing those fantastic results, huge ROIs and an automation system that would make any business owner drool all over the keyboard.

Traditional porn gives us an unrealistic expectation of what sex should be like— The same way most of the marketing ads you see around the web, where they promise you to multiply your money and that your business will skyrocket overnight after working with them.

What You’re Doing Wrong

I've seen over and over again business owners investing in marketing expecting to attract only people that are 100% ready to buy at that moment. When in reality only 1 to 3% on average are really ready to buy when they fill up the lead forms. What comes after that is the Nurturing and Follow Up. This is the secret of any successful campaign. 

Yes, a great landing page that handles all objections is super important, a video that explains how your product or service works is fundamental but creating a list and maintaining contact with it through email, text or even retargeting with online ads is the key. This is why when I bring a new client on-board we focus on the following areas.

Understanding The Client’s Needs

  •  make sure you have a clear vision of who you are talking to
  • start by shooting text or emails to client's existing lists
  • create videos that will educate prospects about the service that we are offering them

Why video content?

Video is the cheapest way for you to get someone to listen to your message and, while you are educating or even pitching people with your videos, you are also letting people get to know you, start building trust so they can eventually become your paying clients.

We stay in front of prospects all the time. Once they are ready to buy, guess who they are going to go talk to? You.

So, the next time you go into a marketing campaign, think about it in the long run. Like if you are dating your prospects, stay in touch, bring them value, offer them a good reason to hire you to solve their problem, instead of handling your marketing like…in porn.

Check out this video and learn The Secret of a Successful Marketing Campaign: 


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