Ten Reasons Why Your Company Needs Product Videos

When you hear digital marketing, you might only think about the importance of the copy. If you’ve used videos in the past to market any product, you know by now the importance of the video content.

Some marketers and businesses underestimate the power of using the right video content. You need to put out the best video content you can if you want your products to sell. The best way is by using your products in your videos.

The Importance of Product Videos

By 2021, 80% of the internet’s traffic will be video. This might come as a surprise, but it looks like those videos you keep seeing on social media are here to stay.

Now the question is, are you getting ready for it? If you own a business or market products in San Diego or anywhere in the world really, you need to ask yourself this, are you harnessing the power of video content? They are great tools to sell your product and brand.

You can use videos to feature products as well as services. So, don’t think that it won’t work for you because you’re offering consulting or coaching services. You might’ve seen how brands are using Facebook and Instagram live video to engage with their audience.

You shouldn’t be an exception to that rule. Yet, not all of us are tech savvy enough or have time to do live video. However, this isn’t the only way to get video content in front of your audience. You should take advantage of videos by making a product review or demo video.

Have you tried it before? If not, we’ll give you 10 reasons why you need product videos for your business.

  1. Videos Can Tell the Story Behind Your Product

You can write the best brochure on the market, but a 30-second video might be a million times more effective. Product demo videos are great tools to tell your story.

No one can tell it better than you. You’ve been the one who’s spent countless nights developing it. Use product review videos to show the customer why it will change their lives.

The video content should be honest. Today’s customer isn’t fooled easily. Demo videos can make the customer see themselves using the product.

If they can place the product in their daily lives, you’ll make that sale in a flash. You should be mindful of the message you’re conveying. The video content has to fit your product as well as your brand.

  1. Increase Conversion Sales

There’s a higher chance of a customer buying a product that has a video. Experts have found that there’s an 85% chance when using explainer videos. You might ask, what is an explainer video?

An explainer video is video content that takes a complex concept and divides it into understandable clips. Most of the time, it uses animations to convey the information.

This type of video is great for making customers see themselves using your product. Using videos will help increase your conversion sales.

  1. Perform Better on Search Engines

If your website only has block text, search engines won’t feature it in that top spot. Experts have found that websites with videos rank better on search engines.

Also, text only websites won’t convey to the customers why they should trust you. Most of the time, it takes customers about one minute to decide if they’re buying the product.

Also remember what you are trying to rank for. If you are just looking for people from San Diego and its surrounding area that’s fine, but your site needs to reflect that.

  1. Increase Interest for Your Product

PSome experts have found that 70% of customer watch videos online. This means that your product video will increase interest in your product and brand.

  1. Help Your Audience Remember You

This will depend on the quality of your video content, but researchers have found that the average person retains 50% of what they see.

In contrast, they only recall 10% of what they hear. So, if you put the right video content in front of them, there’s a high chance they’ll remember your product.

  1. Increase Website Traffic

This might not happen overnight, but it is possible. You could increase your website traffic if your video goes viral.

This happens when your video gets a lot of views out of nowhere. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make it happen. You need a bit of luck and to play your digital marketing cards right.

  1. Videos Are Easy to Share

Videos are easy to share. There’s no way around that. Social media and YouTube have made this easier for everyone.

That’s why you shouldn’t use only one platform to release your video. You could use it from Instagram Stories to YouTube. It’s recommended you adapt your video to the platform you’ll use.

  1. It Shows What Makes Your Product Different

Using videos is a great way to show what makes you different from your competitors. Is it your brand? Maybe you solve their problem in an easier way.

  1. Videos Grab Your Audience’s Attention and Create Trust

You think that packing a ton of information and pictures is the best way to grab your customer’s attention. Yet, this may only confuse them.

Why don’t you put everything you want to say in a video? It might take your customer 30 seconds to understand instead of having to browse several of your pages.

  1. Expand Your Audience Reach

You’re marketing your product to a target audience. When they decide to engage and share your video, you might reach a potential customer that isn’t from your target audience. By using video engagement, you can expand your audience reach from local San Diego, to a global audience, and who doesn’t want that kind of growth.

Bottom Line

Using the right video content can make the difference between success and failure. You can’t underestimate the power of using video for digital marketing. Featuring your product in videos such as product demos can bring those sales you’ve been looking for.

Remember that you can have the best digital marketing plan, but it will be mute if you don’t use videos. Product videos can generate the awareness and trust in your product you’ve been trying for years to build.

Your videos have to fit your brand and product. Before you use any video content, you should make sure it fits your audience and conveys the right message.

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