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Personal Branding

Professional Branding

Professional Branding

Hero + Why + Educational + VSL + Personal Brand Promo + Extra + Script Writing


Professional Branding - Personal Branding
Number of payments 3
1At checkout $485.00 USD
2after 1 week $485.00 USD
3after 3 weeks $480.00 USD
Total $1,450.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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The Power of Personal Branding

With our Professional Branding, you will get 4 hours shooting in San Diego.
Our team will provide you with makeup, three different shooting locations, Video Crew, Video Equipment and the editing.

Our Team will have two meeting with you before the shooting to gather the information necessary to write all the scripts for your new Video series.

Here is what you get

Hero Video

This is Why Video

Educational Video

Video Sales Letter

Personal Brand Promo

1x Additional Video
(Your Choice)

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