You want to create video content but you just don’t have the time to edit yourself?
Perfect! With our Pro Editing Services you can create high-quality content from the comfort of your home.

how does it work?

It is very simple. When you first join us we will have a one hour consultation call with you where we will help you figure out your audience, message, topics and setup your equipment.

You record the videos yourself and send us the footage. Our team will make the magic happen and make sure your videos are engaging and attractive to your audience.

Our videos will be ready to publish on multiple platforms, like IGTV, Newsfeed and even Wrapped Videos.

Equipment Setup

One of our creators will do a video call with you to help you setup your equipment to capture beautiful footage

Topic Wheel

We will help you create a sequence of topics that you should cover to nurture your audience.

Unique Branding

We will create the branding template, an Intro, Outro, Lower Thirds and Typography for all of your videos.

Quick Turn Around

Your videos are ready within 3 to 5 business days and you can send multiple requests at the same time

Audience Nurturing

Be consistent in staying in front of your audience everyday, bring them value and be the authority.

Access to Video Course

We will show you everything you need to know to create super creative and engaging videos.


10 videos
$ 450 per package
  • Full Access to Video Training
  • Up to 5 minutes videos
  • 1 hour of video consulting
building brands

It is time to build.

More than never we see how important it is to have a STRONG online presence. 

We are here to help you nurture your audience into paying clients.

watch our samples

Our clients are benefiting from staying home.

During times like now where we are rediscovering and reinventing our businesses and how we interact with our clients, showing ourselves on video and bringing value to our audience is more essential than never.

Invest on your brand and business while everyone stays at home doing nothing. 


What do the videos look like?
Check out the sample reel towards the bottom of this page to see some of our examples.

I don’t have a camera, now what?
All you need is a cellphone, really.
But if you would like to get some basic gear we will show you exactly what to buy and from where.

What if I want more than 10 videos?
We have plans for Content Creation in Bulk. Just reach out to us to learn more.

Do you only do video?
Our services also include some graphic design, like creating the templates, animations, etc.
We plan on adding a full graphic design service in the next few weeks. 

I don’t know how to record good videos.
Don’t worry, join our Facebook Group to learn for FREE some of our secrets on producing marketing content.

I need help with strategy
We got you! On our onboarding meeting we will go over our process with your, identify your audience, message and topics to be covered.
This is the best Video Marketing Service you could find.

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