Intriguing Internet Video Statistics in Marketing

Video content has taken the world of marketing by storm. Companies are now releasing an average of 18 videos a day, and YouTube has over a billion users worldwide.

Clearly, video is the way of the future for marketing.

However, it’s not always easy to find the statistics in marketing that you need to follow video trends and improve your content.

That’s why we’ve compiled these seven video marketing stats that we think you should know.

  1. 79% Prefer Watching to Reading

Our world is moving faster than ever before. People have too much going on to stop and spend a significant amount of time reading about your product. How can a business market to people like that?

The answer is video. Studies have shown that 79% of consumers would rather watch a video about a product than reading about it.

This isn’t just about preferences though. There is actual science that backs this phenomenon. Researchers have found that the brain processes video almost 60,000 times faster than text.

This isn’t just observed in customers though. 59% of executives said that if given the option, they would rather watch a video than read about any given topic.

While being one of the most recognizable companies in San Diego is a good thing, you don’t have to settle for just one area. Do you want to market your product to a broader consumer base in 2018? Use more videos and less text.

  1. Videos Get 1200% More Shares

Odds are your company has begun to use more visual media (such as photos) in your social media marketing. However, did you know that studies are beginning to show that photos are not enough?

In fact, videos shared on social media generate roughly 1,200% more shares than text and photos combined.

Video is clearly not only the best way to market on social media, but it seems to be essential to be effective.

Videos also have a larger reach than photos or text posts. According to Forbes, “Video posts on Facebook have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.”

If you aren’t using video yet in your social media marketing, now is the time. It is all about building your brand, and there is a big difference between people knowing you in San Diego, compared to people knowing you around the world.

  1. Square Videos Use 78% More Space

If you are regularly using social media, you may have noticed the growing trend of using square videos instead of standard formatting. There is actually a marketing reason for this.

Square videos allow you to take up the same amount of space in the newsfeed as most photo posts, which are 78% larger than a standard video. More space means more time a user will see your post as they are scrolling through, increasing its chances of being watched.

Square videos are also reported to receive more engagement than standard videos, which will only help to grow awareness and build trust with your followers.

  1. 56% of Published Videos are Short

As we mentioned before, the world is much faster now. Attention spans are far shorter than they used to be, which has had a great effect on marketing.

The standard policy now is that shorter is better. The clearest content in the shortest amount of time wins. For a long time that was about text, but now it is about video.

Last year, 56% of all published videos were under two minutes in length. Your company should aim for this as well. Shorter, clearer content means more will be willing to watch the whole video.

Wistia recently did a study and found that the two-minute mark really is the sweet spot. Videos that exceeded two minutes saw a dramatic decrease in engagement.

Keep it to two minutes or less, and your video marketing should be very successful.

  1. 85% On Facebook Watch Silent Videos

Like the growing trend of square videos, captioned videos have also seen a recent spike in popularity.

Many videos on Facebook now are able to be viewed and fully understood without ever turning on the sound. More people actually watch videos this way than you might think.

Roughly 85% of users on Facebook watch video content with the sound off. The vast majority.

As you are creating and publishing content, you should keep this in mind. Make sure that your content is fully captioned and optimized for Facebook.

Other studies have shown that users will be turned off to your brand if your videos automatically play with sound, so be mindful of this when you post new content.

  1. Video CTAs Get 380% More Clicks

Calls-to-action are extremely important in any marketing medium, but they may be more effective in video than you would think.

According to Quicksprout, CTAs at the end of videos receive 380% more clicks than CTAs elsewhere on your site. This is huge for consumer engagement. If you aren’t using CTAs in the ends of your videos, your marketing team should seriously consider it.

This could be one of the most important stats on this list for your video marketing.

  1. 64% of Consumers Buy After Watching Video

We have already seen how video is incredibly effective in increasing consumer engagement, but how much can internet video affect sales?

The goal of all marketing is, of course, ultimately to drive up sales, and video content is no different. In fact, video is one of the most effective forms of marketing today.

64% of consumers will purchase a product after watching a video about it on social media. Both of those factors are incredibly important, video and social media.

Think of it this way, the video you are presenting is a commercial for your company. You’ve seen how television commercials can drive business in, especially if they are memorable.

They can be for a global audience, or even a business catering to a single city like San Diego. If they are memorable, people will associate that particular product or service with your company.

It’s pretty simple: great videos will lead to great sales.

Were These Statistics in Marketing Helpful?

We hope that this list of statistics in marketing has been helpful to you!

If you have any questions about social video marketing, video trends, or other related topics, please contact us and let us know! Our San Diego team would be happy to help you improve your video marketing.

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