How To Sell Without Selling

How To Sell Without Selling

Watch this video where I tell you the answer: 

Most people don’t respond well to being sold to. So, how do you convince your audience to buy into your brand? It’s by bringing value to your audience.

4 ways to bring value to your content

  1. Tackle what’s relevant: 
    1. Keep an eye for breaking news, the best industry blogs and resources and come up with ideas to write around those topics
  2. Incorporate different forms of content:
    1. Incorporate videos, Infographics, and links. Your content will be more comprehensive and provide resourceful information for your audience.
  3. Present to solve people’s problems: 
    1. Create content that’s useful to your target audience. It should provide solutions to solve their everyday problems. 
  4. Link to additional sources: 
    1. Reinforce the message you are trying to convey by providing external and additional sources with relevant information.

Position Yourself as an Authority

Be knowledgeable about your industry. You have to present yourself as a trusted expert and prove your expertise on your topic. But how do you do that properly when you don't even know what to talk about, or you don't have the time to spend researching and creating this so-called valuable content? 

The answer is: Educate or Entertain.

Research Topics for Your Social Media Content

If you want to know what topics you should cover on your social media content, just take a look at your sales calls. What are the common objections, what are the most frequently asked questions? That is what I do with all of my clients when we are discussing which topics we are going to cover on their campaign.

Your audience will start looking at you through a different light, once you establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

No Means Customers Buy When They’re Ready

Let me tell you about my own experience. I have clients that have been watching my content for the past year or so. They have never engaged, they never comment, never shared my content, they have never filled up a lead form and then suddenly they come up absolutely ready to buy!

So, don't sell— entertain or educate and take good care of your audience.

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