Video Storytelling Techniques: How and Why to Use Time-Lapse

Many people know the phrase, “(So and so) has the attention span of a goldfish”.

Thanks to smart technology, the average person now has a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

A goldfish? Nine seconds.

The average human adult? Eight seconds.

So, yes, it is true: technology is something that has become a dichotomous frenemy.

Having statistics like this available to you is helpful. It’s helpful when it comes to thinking about your customers, coworkers, and clients. Yes, you may not have a lot of time to capture and keep a person’s attention, but this can be an advantage as well.

As people evolve, we must adapt how we get our messages out to them. Tools and techniques can aid you in this process.

You would not believe how small tweaks like time-lapse in your video storytelling that can help you with this.

Learn more about how, when, and why you should use time-lapse as one of your trusty devices in your video storytelling techniques toolbelt.

Time-lapse videos are a phenomenal type of storytelling method. They showcase the scope of activities or projects that took great effort and time to make.

For example, they can be great for showing how your small business became a huge one. It is also great to show a specific place change over time.

Position cameras in fixed and specific areas and let them do their job. Then speed up this footage.

This way you can convey to viewers how much work and creativity went into your company, but it also allows you to show how drastic things can change in a space without spending too much time on having to explain it or talk about it. Your viewers cannot only see it, but they can feel the experience for themselves.

If this is something you feel confident doing on your own, great. However, if you or your firm or business are not comfortable with dabbling in videography, hiring professionals, like our San Diego videography team, can save you both time and money.

Professionals already have the equipment to make your video stories. Which, as I am sure you know, is quite expensive to buy. You also cannot underestimate the importance of video storytelling for your company these days.

Emotions determine almost all of a person’s decisions. You want people to feel connected towards you or your product via sentimentality. This means more business for you.

After all, you are not selling the product itself. You are selling the feelings and sensations they give people to have those products.


How to Determine What You Should Record

Video Storytelling Techniques How and Why to Use Time Lapse

The first thing you need to decide when you are going to make a time-lapse video is what your goals are. The most achieved video storytellers make sure their time-lapse videos show changes and action.

Begin by chatting with the people around you, whether it is your small business partners or your large firm team. What story do you want to tell about your brand? What feelings do you want to spark when people are watching your video?

These goals can be different depending on your business. For example, a time-lapse video made for a non-profit trying to raise money for the environment is going to have a very different feel than a video you would make for a large jewelry store’s engagement rings.

If you are trying to show off your company’s personality, and you want to engage with your future clientele, feel free to have some fun! You can have a typical, though thoroughly planned-out day of you and your colleagues working on something creative, or perhaps your office has a mascot or something that can be the underlying focus in the video.

If your company is much more focused on a specific goal [think political campaigns, law firms, etc.], investigate ways to display how you want to show how hard your company works day in and day out.

You may already have a successful company, and you are rebranding/revamping. If this is you, set up a camera to show your clientele how you have changed a space. You can also show a time-lapse of all the effort that went into making your company’s product better.

Whatever your goals are, remember to talk to the people you work with first. Then, bring these ideas to your San Diego videographer. They are professional and tend to have an eye and experience for these things. They can listen to your video recording dreams and make them into a reality.


Get the Most Bang for Your Buck Out of Your Time-Lapse Videos

85% of purchases start online, and it has a hard focus on social media.

So, when you make a time-lapse video, you are creating more than one product to sell your brand and products online. Think about it. Videos can double as gifs, memes, and other bite-sized pieces that help promote your brand online.

Because of the time-lapse video is a type of storytelling method that tells a big story in a short amount of time, they are perfect for social media. There is a lot of versatility, and it can be more flexible with getting a message across in longer videos cannot give you.


Your Story, Your Brand, and Time-Lapse Go Hand in Hand

The average YouTube advertisement allows you to skip it within five seconds. Yet, people watch over a billion hours of videos on it a day.

Video storytelling time-lapses are a great way to make people feel close to you and what you are doing. They allow you to work with people’s busy schedules and busied attention spans.

People love feeling connected to a product or person. They love a good story, and your brand has one. Let a San Diego videographer help you share your brand’s story with the world.

Have questions or comments about time-lapse video storytelling helping your company? Thinking about making one for your brand or product? Feel free to contact us!

VIdeo Storytelling Techniques: Why and How to Use Timelapse Video for Social Media Marketing
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