Here’s Why Your Mentor Gets Better Results

Here’s Why Your Mentor Gets Better Results

Ever thought why, after buying all those online courses and mentoring programs, you still aren’t seeing results? How come your mentor is doing so well, getting results with the same program and skills you now have access to, and you aren’t?

The real question is: does your audience, your prospects, even your friends know what you do and what types of problems you can help them solve?

They Build Rapport 

The reason your mentor gets better results is because they are present in your timeline, in your inbox every day. And more than that, they are showing their faces and allowing you to get to know them, to get to know their ability to solve your problems, you are slowly getting to know their personality, their jokes, their skills. 

It’s All About Online Presence 

So if I ask you now, what's the difference between you and your mentor? Most likely you are not creating enough content to establish your online presence, to reach your audience at all times, from all platforms. 

This is exactly why I've created the Content Model that you have just downloaded.

Use an Efficient Content Model 

In the pdf that you’ve downloaded, I’m going to teach you how you can plan the structure and distribution of your content. How you can create one piece of content and repurpose it in multiple other snack-sized content that will make it easier for your audience to consume.


How to create engaging video content:


  • Brainstorm ideas for your videos
  • Plan your video by writing a script or creating a storyboard
  • Start recording
  • Edit and put them together


Dominate The Newsfeed

If you want to completely dominate your prospect’s newsfeed, schedule a call with me so we can plan how we can optimize your content production.

Watch this video on Why Your Mentor Gets Better Results and you don’t.

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