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Cameras and Lens

Yes, you can get it done with your phone. There is a training on how to get the maximum quality using your phone in the HelpCenter section.
However, the quality of a DSLR with a good lens will be noticeable. Don't let the equipment stop you from creating content. Please note that the links below are only to show you the exact model that we recommend. You'll be able to find deals and better prices if you look.

The minimum you'll need to have

Iphone or Android phone
USB Cable 6+ feet
Cell Phone Holder

Definitely get this stand that can also be used as a c-clamp for your desk.

What you should get

Sony a6600
Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 Lens (If you have at least 8 feet of space in the room)
SIGMA 16mm 1.4f Lens (if you have limited space)
USB Cable 6+ feet (depending on your space)
Quick Release Plate

Keep in mind that the equipment listed here is the ideal equipment to buy. You can make amazing videos just using your phone.

Lights and difuser

There is no way around it, if you're looking for a specific visual, you'll need lights.
There is a training session on how you should set up your lights.

What you should get

Godox sl-60W
Light Diffuser 
Light Stand

The minimum you'll need to have

Ring light

Light Stand

Audio & Microphone

No one notices your microphone, until you have bad quality audio.
They will watch your video even if you're in the dark, but people will not watch it if the audio is bad.
You'll only need one of the three options below. 

What you should get

Podcast MiciPhone Adapter
Lapel Mic + iPhone Adapter (if you plan on interviewing other people or being mobile)

The minimum you'll need to have

Your cell phone microphone, if you're in a very quiet room

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