Do our videos make us money?

A breakdown of Becoming a Good Marketer.

by Tee Dos Santos – Founder

The answer is… ABSOLUTELY.  

I want to share with you a breakdown of one of our videos. We have been using this video as our primary marketing asset to reach cold audiences and drive traffic to our pages and right on the first month… well, numbers don’t lie. It was a significant investment.

The Idea:

I knew who I wanted to work with and I also knew what type
of problems I could solve for them. That was the primary requirement to create
a successful ad.

Coming from a career of 17 years in Marketing and
Advertising I had it clear in my mind that I wanted to serve agencies and
communication professionals.


The first step was to make sure that the audience I was trying to reach could relate and know for sure that I specifically wanted to talk to them. So, what better way to get their attention other than saying “You’re a good marketer”? After that I tried to show a few situations that every marketer goes through almost daily, like watching webinars, testing traffic, comparing A and B.

Because I’ve literally had an advertising and marketing agency, I knew that all the main influencers would not stop talking about how important video is for any marketing campaign. With that in mind, I tried to get into that pain point. Most marketers knew how important it was but they were not ready to start creating videos, or they weren’t successful in their attempt to produce their own content.

The next step would be to list all possible solutions and why my SocialWay was a better option than the rest.

Video ads created using online apps was something that would not attract the attention of any sophisticated consumer besides the fact that these ads look all the same. Another big problem that agencies experience when having an in-house videographer is that they usually cannot produce enough video content to get a satisfactory return on investment. In other words, the cost of someone in-house adds up quickly beside the fact that you must spend your time managing this extra team member.

The climax of the video is when the character gets to the lowest point of his business and end up having to close the doors. Which clearly is the biggest fear to any business owner.

Solving the Problem.

Since the nature of the product is the video itself, there was no better way to show the problem being solved other than showing all the issues that most agencies and professionals are going through.

“But this is what you can do.”

At this point all I had left to say was that the audience should work with SocialWay and with that they would be able to focus on their own business rather than trying to figure out how to produce video content.

The Results:

Production: $5,123.80

Ad Spend: $10,250.00

Total Initial Revenue: $39,000

Monthly Recurring Revenue: $23,750

On our first month, I had a 2.54x ROI, nothing crazy right? But when you add the monthly recurring revenue that it brought in the following 8 months, you will completely understand why it makes so much sense.

Our total in Sales from clients that came on board on our first month came up to $131,080. Now comes the impressive ROI.

8.52X Return on my initial investment.

Of course, the following month new clients came on board that wasn’t added to this numbers, but this should be enough to give you a good idea on how important it is for your business to start building an audience and have a creative campaign that can bring predictable revenue.


The most important element when creating a video ad is:

Make sure the audience knows you’re trying to talk to them.

Gain trust by showing how they can relate to your product or service

Pinpoint the problems and how you can solve it.

Explain your ad with a call to action or double down on your message, so it doesn’t have any misunderstanding on what you do.

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