The Content Factory – Content Repurposing and Distribution

Content Factory

Content Repurposing and Distribution. 
Turn one video into multiple assets and publish across your social media, all done for you.

How It Works

Step 1

Get Introduced to your new creative team, gathering of information about your brand and marketing plan, Topic Wheel, Goals and access.

Step 2

Our team selects the pieces out of your content that we believe your audience will relate to and create "Snack Content" out of it.

Step 3

Now that you have all Instagram Stories, IGTV, Promos, Snack Videos, Podcasts, Blog Articles we will schedule posts and distribute it across all channels for you.

Videos = Podcasts = Articles = Posts

We extract the Audio from your video, edit it into Podcasts or audio bites. With the transcripts we will create articles and posts.

Square, Story, 3x2, 16:9

So many formats and ways to distribute your content that is easy to become overwhelmed. Not anymore.

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Multiply Your Marketing Assets

Learn more about your audience, test your message, improve you marketing.
"I have paused all my other efforts with different agencies because I saw that Tee and his team knew what they were doing."
Franklin Barros
CTO, Barros IT Services
"I used to have Design Pickle helping me a lot with my Real Estate office, SocialWay replaced most of graphic design needs plus now I have video, tons of it"
Daniel Martines
CEO, Select Digital
"Everyone talks about repurposing content, but only SocialWay was able to do it for me"
Jordon Wallan
COO, Palms Recovery

Your Brand can finally become Omnipresent

"My clients are not on Facebook."

Unless they live under a rock, they ARE spending time on Social Media. With the Content Factory, you will be able to find them no matter where they "hide on the internet."

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