Brand Accelerator Program

Video Marketing Accelerator


Not having to rely on referrals

Choose the customers you want

Share your visions

Automation = Freedom = Scale

Your New Business in 90 Days.

For the entrepreneur that has proven their approach on the "off-line world" and now is looking to explode it with Video Marketing.

This is our 90-day program where we will have your Video Marketing Funnel.

It includes five days of shooting throughout the 90 days period.

With our Content Creation Process, we will help you learn and understand how we are going to extract the content out of you and your business.

This program includes:

-Corporate Videos
Sales Funnel
Call To Action

-Personal Branding
3x3 Know, Like and Trust
Educational - Foundation
Authority Alignment
Hero/Business Show Case
Behind the Scenes

Launch your brand online

Convert new clients.

With our program, you will have a structure, planning, and execution for your online campaign.

Not a course,


Yes, you read it right. We will do it for you.
We will work on extracting the content out of you, and all the production is on us.

Our team spends thousands of dollars every year on marketing education so we can apply the strategies being thought by the industry authorities.

Create content for your social media

To educate and drive prospects to your solution.

Strategic content to create a sequence of material to attract your prospects closes to the moment of purchase of your product or service.

Automate your processes

We create a video version of "you"

Tired of spending time explaining the same processes to your prospects and clients?

You can automate onboarding calls and your sales process with video.


Video marketing on all platforms

Your content will be ready to be published on all social media platforms.

We extract the content out of you and your team

with our content creation process.

You already know your process, your industry... With our content creation process, you will be able to educate your prospects on Why they need your solution.

Brand Positioning


Interviews and Thought Leader Positioning

Video Shooting with Crew and Equipment on-site.

Content Creation Engine Program

Snack Content Package for Social Media

Ad Spend Management

What does it look like?

Check out these examples and the timeline of what you're going to get accomplished with us in the next 90 days.

Program Schedule

Briefing & Planning

Week 1 to Week 4

Let's figure out your core message. 
Decide on the visual of your brand.
Organize your Foundation Content
Planning and organizing of shooting days

Shooting Period

Week 4 - 5

This is the time to get in front of the camera.
Whether you are on camera yourself or using actors, our crew will organize and produce the necessary video shooting to capture your business on camera.

Post Production and Publishing

Week 6 - 10

Every week we publish a new layer of your content, going from the business branding and personal branding introduction to the foundation content and call to actions. This is when your content goes out to the world.

Analysis and Optimization

Week 11 & 12

Everything can always get better. At this point we will work with you analyzing the entire campaign to make all the necessary optimization.

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