Brainstorm Creative Video Marketing Ideas

In a sea of online content, a video with a well-executed concept can spread like wildfire and help your business to stand out from the crowd.

Click through and conversion rates are shown to be much higher with video content. It’s been proven that 95% of users retain information learned from a videocompared to a measly 10% who say they remember what they learned from reading.

You probably already know that video marketing is important. The real challenge is coming up with a creative and original video that will spark interest and engagement with your audience.

Let’s go through some steps you can take to brainstorm the best creative video ideas.

What’s Your Goal?

Coming up with and executing the perfect video idea is a lot harder than it initially sounds. There’s a reason that Hollywood filmmakers are paid the big bucks for creating engaging video material is no easy task.

When first beginning to brainstorm, it helps if you give yourself something to focus on. Understanding the intention of your video is a great place to start. Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but now’s the time to do so.

What do you hope to get out of creating this video? What kind of response do you want to provoke from your audience?

Different intentions will likely produce different video ideas, so it’s important to lock this down first. A video intended to sell a product or service will be different from one that’s intended to establish a relationship with a consumer base or one that’s made to attempt to grow a company’s e-mail list.

Having an intention will give you a good starting place to brainstorm from.

It can help to ensure that the video marketing ideas you’re coming up with will achieve the final goal that you desire, which is the whole reason you’re taking the time to make this video to begin with!

Another aspect of intention has to do with how a video “feels,” or what emotion you’d like it to create in a viewer. Depending on your overall intention, how the audience feels after watching a video might not be important, but oftentimes, it still is.

Strong emotions can push audience members towards your goals. Feelings of delight or even sadness can help push them to subscribe, purchase, or engage.

Time to Get a Little Crazy

A creative mind works best without a filter. Bob Dylan knew this, and it’s why he wrote as many bad songs as he did masterpieces. He let whatever ideas he had come out without forcing himself to think critically about them.

If Bob Dylan can do it, you can do it too.

When you’re first beginning to brainstorm, it’s important to give yourself and your video marketing team as much freedom as possible. Create an environment where there are no bad ideas, or one where your team can fail as much as needed in coming up with the best idea. The more ideas the better, as it will increase your odds of finding a real winner.

Allow ideas at this stage to be over the top, imaginative, and wild. There is no room at this stage for a “that won’t work” attitude. Responses such as that can kill creative energy like nothing else. Instead, encourage yourself and your team to work together to riff on and expand one another’s ideas.

Let a free-form list of ideas flow out and keep track of them all on a spreadsheet or notepad. There will come a time for editing and a more critical approach, but this is not that time.

The other pitfall to avoid during this portion of brainstorming is becoming too attached to one idea. Sometimes an idea will hit someone, and it becomes difficult for them to let it go to make room for new ideas. This is a toxic attitude and can again kill the creativity in a room like nothing else.

If an idea needs to die so new ideas can be born, let it. It’s always something you can go back to later if you really need to. At the end of the day, the best and most creative idea should always win.

Also, attempt to enter the brainstorm session with phones and computer put away. Having your team free of distractions will help ideas flow easier and create a better chemistry in the room.

Picking the Best Video Idea

After your whirlwind brainstorming session, you will hopefully have a list that contains a few great ideas.

More likely than not, the best ideas will already seem obvious from the amount of support and excitement they received during your brainstorming session. However, if they don’t, or just to be sure, talk with your team about the ideas that arose that they think are best.

If you end up with more than one, that’s perfectly fine. You can use these ideas for videos down the line.

After having a few great video ideas in hand, now comes the part that requires some critical analysis.

Is it possible for you to pull off this video concept with the budget and resources that you have? Does it capture your intention in a clear and effective way?

Changes and compromises may need to be made to ideas for them to best fit the needs of your company. This can sometimes be disappointing, but it’s a necessary step of the creative process.

When taking such logistical-minded steps, always be sure that you’re not killing what you loved about your brainstormed idea to begin with. Compromises are frequent and necessary, but there should be ways to do them while keeping the spirit and energy of a video idea alive.

Brainstorming Creative Video Ideas

Coming up with the best creative video marketing ideas for your company can be challenging and rewarding in equal measure. With the right video concept in hand, you’ll be well on your way to creating engaging video content that will excite and dazzle your audience. All it takes is a little brainstorming to get there.

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