White-Label for Agencies

The smartest way to add value and increase your recurring revenue without ever touching a camera.

What is the White-Label Program all about?

We help you increase your agency's revenue by adding the value of video into your marketing campaigns without you or your team ever having to touch a camera or any editing software.

As an agency, you get special prices for the video production so you can add your margins on top of it and get the results of Video Marketing.


Why SocialWay

SocialWay Creative is a business that evolved from an advertising agency.  Our most significant differential from most of the other creative companies is the fact that you don't have to explain what a funnel is, or how retargeting works. 

We understand Advertising and Marketing. So more than making beautiful videos we make sales happen with video.

A/B Testing

A big concern with video is the lack of ability to make changes once the videos are complete. Making it very difficult to perform A/B testing.

We got you covered with our on-going creative support.

Results over Looks

Yes, we are always striving for amazing visuals for our videos, however in advertising sometimes the ugly sells more than the pretty. 

With that in mind, our number one goal is to generate engagement and revenue with our videos.



Quick Turn Around

The communication industry is something that changes almost on a daily basis, so we designed our turn around time to be as short as one day.

A Video Ad that is not made by an online app in 1 day... you won't find this anywhere else.

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White Label Margins

Upgrade your current client's campaign with quality marketing assets and justify your retainer increase with massive results.

Our White-Label Clients seen an average of 35% increase on monthly recurring revenue.

Here is how it works

1. As a White-Label Partner, our team will work directly with your to create custom-made videos for your campaign. Either it is for your brand or your client's.

2. With our Office Hours sessions, we will review all of the video assets we have created for you to make sure your videos are getting the best performance possible.

3. You own 100% of the videos that we create for you.

4. Access to discounted prices for Video Production allowing you to mark up our prices.

What you get

1.  Monthly Creative Strategy Sessions where our team stops production to sit down and talk to you to get a full understanding of the mission.

2. Not just a video editor. Our team is composed of professionals with many different skills, from video editing, to copywriters all the way to Facebook Audience Specialists, a full media company for the cost of one in-house videographer.

3. Sales Support. Yes, you read it right. Every month we will send you sales material with your brand in it so you can share with your clients to help you not just retain them for longer but also upsell with different marketing assets.

4. Professional Video Ads. Yes, we also do videos.

What does it look like?

We have the option to create low budget videos to entire Video Series to show authority.

For all campaign sizes

What about the shooting?

We might or might not need to do a video shooting. 

Of course that if there is budget available for it, the quality will be immensely better than when we repurpose footage or rely on animations and stock footage only. But more than just the beautiful look of a video we are looking for results. 

So be in peace because we've got you covered.


We all have second thoughts before investing on something that, most likely, you haven't done before.

If you are trying to accomplish any of these items below, video marketing is the cheapest solution in the long run.


-Increase Conversion rates,

-Build Brand Loyalty or audiences

-You want to automate your sales and Onboarding process

-You're trying to educate your prospects on why they should buy your product or service

-You want to increase Social Media Interaction

-You're Not on page one of Google


"I don't know what to say." Believe us, you do. And is just a matter of us helping you organize your thoughts, and you will have a high-performance campaign in place. We have a content creation process that makes it easy and simple for us to create all the scripts for your videos.
"I don't have the time." On average our clients don't spend more than 3 hours interacting with our team for a new project from scratch. We got this down to a science, so you don't have to worry about anything during the production.
"I don't know if it'll work." We only apply strategies that we have proven to work before, and our white-label program comes with creative support, which allows you to make small adjustments to your video assets to ensure maximum performance. We have been working with some of the more successful agencies in the USA and we know a thing or two about creating a video experience for new prospects and turn them into paying clients.

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