8 Benefits of Working with a San Diego Video Marketing Agency

Although video already dominates our digital marketing sphere, we are going to see a lot more of it, well into the foreseeable future. This strategy is popular for a number of reasons. It’s convenient, it’s personable, and it gives brands a human face.

However, for marketers, creating a solid video for advertising purposes is pretty hard. As with all forms of content marketing, it must be an advertisement that doesn’t feel like advertising.

It can be hard enough to discern what’s appropriate for a text-article; let alone a 5-minute video. If you are struggling to create engaging video content, you are in the right place. Working with a video marketing agency in San Diego makes sense, here’s why.

If you are struggling to create engaging video content, working with a video marketing production agency in San Diego makes sense.

Little-to-No Training Involved

Hiring a new marketing representative is helpful in many areas, but it does take time to train this person and get them acclimated to your company.

A video marketing agency already has the strategies in place to quickly learn your information. They usually will have an interview-like process to uncover some of the fine details, such as what is your company’s identity and what makes it unique.

Then, it’s usually a go with very few complications along the way. You can worry less about uncertainties and miscommunication with an agency. They have handled many clients before, so they know what to expect.



One Person vs. A Team of Help

A new hire can be of substantial value, but there is strength in numbers. When you hire a San Diego video marketing agency, you are gaining access to a team of support.

When you leave your digital needs to one person, their efforts are often stretched thin. This often leads to them settling on things, just so they can move on to the next project.

Agencies, on the other hand, have the numbers to take on each of your individual needs. Also, as they have multiple sources on their team, you’ll see better ideas and more creativity.

You’re Busy

Let’s get an obvious one out of the way. If you find yourself asking, “Should I hire a video marketing agency?”, then you may already have a full plate.

As a business owner, your priority is staying on top of your business. While marketing is a large aspect of that, you still have many other tasks that need to be completed.

Many marketing specialists even rely on outsourced help because of their busy workloads. Content marketing is multi-faceted, with video being just one segment. If you find you’re too busy with other marketing efforts, hire an agency.

You Become a Top Priority

This may sound like a loaded statement, but let us explain. As we mentioned, marketing is often eschewed by businesses for other responsibilities, and that is totally understandable. If you do not have the personnel to take on new assignments, you must work with what you got. However, by doing this, you are paving a path for your marketing plans to never be completed.

It is easy to prioritize other jobs over digital marketing. Marketing may not be the highest ticket item on your to-do list, but it would be at a video agency.

Protection from the Unpredictable

If you only have one person working on a certain task, the responsibility is 100% theirs. However, what happens if something happens to this person? What if they need to miss work or they quit altogether?

We cannot predict when something will happen to our workforce. We can only adapt as needed. However, wouldn’t it be nice to be protected in the event there was an unsuspected change?

Hiring a video marketing agency in San Diego gives you that protection. As we touched on earlier, you would have a team of bodies who can fill in if someone is missing.

Scaling Up Made Easy

Over time, you will probably want to maintain a solid video presence. If you only have one marketing manager, they are going to crash and burn as projects go up.

Then, you will be stuck with hiring a new representative and getting them settled. They will have to learn how to work with the team to further develop any new strategies.

Instead, if you hire an agency, you will have fewer problems growing marketing endeavors. An agency is already capable of managing several projects at once, so they also help you cut back on time.

No Additional Training

As with most creative positions, a marketing manager must work to expand their skill set. It often falls into the laps of business owners to purchase and/or devote time to training materials.

A video marketing agency is responsible for training their employees. This cuts back on the time and resources you would have to spend on developing your own team.

As video grows, trends and other new practices will emerge to dictate how we create campaigns. If you want to remain competitive, your content should reflect these strategies. With an agency, it’s not your job to handle this responsibility.

Lower Cost

We saved the best for last. Did you know you can save a lot by outsourcing your video marketing needs?

Obviously, paying a salary is the big downfall with employees. Also, you’re responsible for covering things like taxes, healthcare, and benefits. Let’s not forget about the aforementioned training materials to keep employees updated.

Beyond that, you may have to pay more for hiring and training purposes. You also may need to work through a recruiter, which costs more money. You spend a lot of time, which is your most valuable resource, on finding the right candidate as well.

With a video agency, you are paying for the project. This doesn’t add up to nearly the amount of hiring a new staff member.

Looking for a Video Marketing Agency in San Diego?

By 2019, video will account for 80% of global Internet traffic. You cannot neglect this marketing strategy, or you will slip under the radar.

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