7 Types of Videos That Should Have a Place in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Word to the wise: some types of videos are just better than others.

Video remains one of the most effective and prevalent forms of digital marketing. The brain processes information in a video nearly 60,000 times faster than text. Viewers are also more likely to remember content they see in a video versus the same information in text.

That said, you should know it’s not just enough to simply create videos and market them, as the types of marketing videos you use has a lot to do with their success.

This guide reveals seven different types of videos to include your strategy and where in your funnel they need to go.

#1 – Brand Videos

To help potential customers get to know your company a little better, include a brand video at the top of your sales funnel.

Think of brand videos as an introduction to your San Diego company. Talk about who you are as a company, your values, your journey, and your mission. Show viewers why your company is different and why you’re worth their time.

You can highlight your brand’s uniqueness through choosing the right creative elements. For example, animation offers a myriad of ways to deliver your content in a fun, engaging way, that also embodies your brand.

In addition, you can include your brand mascot, tagline, or jingle to help make your video marketing ads more memorable. The viewer might forget your product or company name, but chances are they’ll remember something as unique as a character or tune.

#2 – Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can be useful for both the top and middle of the sales funnel when used correctly.

This type of video takes a seemingly complex or vague concept, and breaks it down into digestible pieces, usually through the use of animations.

The information inside can be just about anything, from how-to demos, to quick tips on a subject, to solving a difficult problem.

Companies and consumers alike love using explainer videos for several reasons:

  • They’re highly effective in helping customers envision a problem or solution.
  • They’re SEO-friendly to help you capture web traffic related to “how to” queries.
  • They’re authoritative and help to establish a brand’s position as a leader in their field.

Consumers love them because it’s much easier to follow a step-by-step video demonstration than read a long list of steps in a blog post.

Perhaps most helpful of all however, is the fact that information-based queries are more common than those that intend to buy. More people will see your explainer videos if they’re targeted to top funnel activities, which will then introduce them to your brand.

Types of Videos for Marketing#3 – Product Reviews and Demonstrations

The middle of the sales funnel is where companies start showing off their products and solutions. You can show your prospects your product in action with a review, or a demo video.

These video marketing ads are meant to highlight all your product’s best features, how they work, and how real people use what you’re selling.

When you can put your product in motion, people can get a sense of how it will help them solve whatever problems they have.

In fact, one study revealed that over half of respondents felt more confident about making a purchase online after watching a product demo video.

You could also put another spin on your video library by reviewing other people’s products instead of your own. Consider things your customers would be interested in learning more about, even if has nothing to do with what you’re selling. Here’s why this works.

When you create videos people care about, they’re automatically exposed to your brand. They can learn more about who you are and what you do simply by viewing the content you’ve created.

As a result, you’re able to break through their brains’ built-in ad blockers and earn their trust without thrusting your own products in their faces. They’ll be much more in tune with you if they think of you as helpful rather than salesy.

#4 – Client Testimonials

Another common middle of the funnel video concept is hearing from existing clients.

Client testimonials offer prospective buyers a look at real people who have used your product and can attest to its abilities. Think of it as a form of social proof. People want what’s popular and will be more inclined to buy once they see others have already purchased it.

#5 – Webinars

A webinar is a great way to generate new leads and nurture existing ones. Your webinar content is usually informative, like an explainer video, but it lets you dive deeper into a particular subject and show off your expertise.

Webinars are also powerful options for customers who have already bought from you and may look to do so again. For example, if they purchased a software platform from you, you might design a video series that shows them how to ramp up their new tools quickly.

#6 – Vlogs

Video blogs, or vlogs, are just what they sound like. Instead of writing something on your blog, you post a video about it.

In today’s digitally driven world, words on a webpage just don’t stand out. Using video content to earn attention and highlight your brand can help you avoid becoming lost in a sea of lookalike posts.

Consider doing a regular series to get people excited to tune in to your next installment.

#7 – Product Launches

When you launch a new product, you want everyone to know about it. Product launch videos are great for the bottom of the funnel prospects and existing customers because they’re already well acquainted with your brand.

The trust is already there. So, rather than selling them on your company, you’re showing off your latest creation and hope they’ll be as excited as you are.

How to Choose the Right Type of Video Marketing Ads to Fit Your Brand

Which of the above types of videos makes sense for your brand?

Most companies agree it takes a mix of several formats to create a successful selling strategy. It also depends on the stage of the sales funnel where you’re using video to promote your message. However, the fact remains that all these marketing strategies have their own intrinsic values, so don’t be afraid to give them a chance, and see how it helps grow your company’s online presence.

Contact one of our experienced San Diego videographers to find out how a proper video marketing strategy can help promote your brand.

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