6 Tips for Working with a Video Production Company in San Diego

The fundamentals of content marketing have changed. Users want to be able to consume a lot of information in short time. Experts predict video will claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

Video provides value, flexibility, and authenticity. Users can see right away what companies represent. They can consume information quickly, thus increasing the impact of your messaging.

But too many companies don’t invest in video quality, and poor quality video can send visitors elsewhere.

There are affordable ways to achieve quality video. Work with a video production company to get ahead. If you are in or around the San Diego area, we can help!

Why Use a San Diego Video Production Company?

It’s easier than ever to make your own videos. Most people publish homemade videos online all the time. Many prominent companies use informal video for marketing purposes as well.

But the normalization of this style raises the stakes. Companies can’t settle for what looks like the work of amateurs. They need professionals to help make their messages unique.

But what’s it like working with a San Diego video production company? These teams use all their capabilities to make your marketing a success. But you need to contribute for that to happen.

That means having your creative approach understood from the start. You must know exactly what you want to accomplish.

Are you advertising something, or trying to generate interest? Many companies use videos to add a ‘human side’ to their businesses. Some highlight their charity or social responsibility activities.

Each of these approaches will dictate the style. Your production company might be able to meet you halfway. But you’ll have a much better result if you have your business goals and ideas prepared.

6 Things to Do Before You Work with a San Diego Video Production Company

You’ve found a compelling reason to create a marketing video. What do you need to do to get started?

Remember, your video team is an extension of your business. You have to build the foundation for success. Their job is to deliver on those clearly outlined goals.

We’ve identified six things that can help you prepare. Carryout these preparations and you’ll have the best chance of success.

1. Determine Your Goals and KPIs

If you work in marketing, you know the importance of KPIs. They’re the things you’re measuring that will tell you if you’ve succeeded. Your video will need a clearly outlined goal to this end.

Some videos are simply made for brand identity. Companies want a compelling video to resonate with wide audiences. This is great during rebranding or to build on an important event.

Other videos are direct. Whether or not their traditional ads, they’re made to sell something. They will have a clear call to action to drive conversions.

Your business goals will determine your decisions moving forward. But you can get pretty creative even within that space.

2. Find the Video Production Company That’s Right for You

Not all video production companies are the same. It’s easy to pay for a costly, sophisticated service with things you don’t need. Sometimes you can go cheap and get a great video regardless.

First, look at samples online for the quality of work. You should always leverage contacts to check for recommendations. Identify a few that look promising to you.

Now, what are their business models? Many companies do custom pricing and beginners’ rates. Some companies will create unlimited videos for you at one flat rate.

Be sure the style you see in their examples is what you want. Look at their locations and approach as well.

3. Share Your Goals and Original Premise for the Video

By now you have an idea as to what will be in your video. You know what your business goals will be as well. Your video production company will help you align those two in an effective way.

Most companies will provide a free initial consultation. You will review some key questions during the consultations. These will involve production, style, theme, and design.

Ask yourselves some key questions. How long is the video? Will it require acting, interviews, or something else?

Be open. If this team has a lot of experience, they’ll have suggestions. If they know your KPIs, be sure they have them in mind the whole time.

4. Participate in Brainstorming and Storyboarding

During that consultation, you will talk about execution. Where will the film be made? How long will it be, and how much filming is necessary?

You may need to use space for live action. This could happen in your office, a study, or outside. You need to consider who will be in the video and how much that will cost also.

There are pros and cons to all lengths of video. Video length and scenes will add to cost. You may find a very short video is the way to go.

These decisions will directly impact your budget. While you consider the cost, be realistic about what you think will succeed. Don’t sell yourself short if it’ll mean subpar results.

5. Establish the Budget for Internal Approval

There are millions of things you can do with your video. The vast majority will be too expensive. Your video production team will work with you to balance cost and outcome.

Have you talked a lot with your team about KPIs? Your plan should outline both creative and business sides. You should be confident when you present your strategy to decision makers.

6. Start Filming

After your hard work, filming is exciting. You can play an active role or leave it to the production company.

If you choose to be onsite, trust in their expertise. You might want to give pointers here and there, but do remember, you chose this team for a reason.

When you’re working with the right company, the right results are guaranteed. Partner with someone who listens and has good suggestions themselves. Look for compelling creativity and business value.

Creative Solutions That Drive Business Value

SocialWave Creative in San Diego builds compelling videos with your business value in mind. What can be better than that? We offer unlimited videos at a flat rate.

Schedule a video strategy consultation today.

A short conversation can lead to years of future business success. Don’t miss out on a chance to make some great video.

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