2018: The Year to Launch Your Video Ads

2018: The Year to Launch Your Video Ads

If you aren’t already aware of the marketing potential for video ads, it’s time to pay attention. Over 500 million people watch Facebook videos daily, that’s half a billion people!

On top of that, 51% of marketers worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment. If you haven’t already jumped into the world of online ad’s then now is the time.

But there’s a problem; most people have absolutely no idea where to get started with video ads.

How do you create the videos? How do you market them? How do you convert people who watch your videos into prospects?

These are all valid questions, and knowing how to create a quality video advert for use on any social platform, whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook is a key skill which this article will help you understand.

Time to take charge, let’s jump in.

First, Why Are Video Ad’s so Powerful?

Let’s just jump real quick into why video ads are so powerful in the first place. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should know by now how video is changing the internet.

By 2021 it’s expected that video will make up 80% of all internet traffic. There’s nothing new in this approach, as humans we have always consumed in the same way.

Video, audio, and print. This used to be television, radio, and newspapers.

We still consume content that way but the internet is changing this over now to online videos, podcasts and blog posts. What’s different with video ad’s online is the reach, the engagement and crucially the cost.

A typical national commercial for a 30-second spot costs on average around $340,000. For most small businesses that cost is intangible, but you could achieve the same reach with video ad’s on Facebook with the right strategy.

How to Achieve Marketing Success with Facebook Ad’s

To achieve marketing success with any platform, you first have to know how to promote your brand. Think about what you want the people seeing your video to do.

You want to create your content around a call-to-action, something you want the watcher to do, and then you want to send them through a funnel.

Understanding a Sales Funnel

One of the key elements of advertising on Facebook or any platform is knowing how to utilize a sales funnel. A sales funnel is the buying process that companies lead their prospective customers to, from start to finish.

You can break up a sales funnel into different steps but the part to interest you are the first two steps. The awareness phase, and the interest phase.

The awareness phase is where your prospects become aware of a solution. It’s your video ad which is first going to capture their attention.

The interest phase is where they become interested in what you have to offer, that’s when your video engages them, and they begin to take action to find out more.

The rest of the funnel is where they develop that interest, make a decision and take action to purchase.

How to Setup Your Facebook Ad’s

To setup successful video ads on Facebook, you have to do it a little differently to the type of ads you might see on Youtube or TV. You should structure your Facebook ads differently so they can be interesting in an environment where the post above and below it are potentially going to be more interesting.

Here are some of the most important steps to take with your video ads.

Frontload the Ad

This is your one big challenge with your ad. As people are scrolling through you need to grab their attention in 3 seconds.

Viewers make quick decisions about whether a post is worth their time or not.

Be Silent but Deadly

Remember that most people don’t listen to the sound on video ads. You don’t get sound until you click the button, so make your video stand out without any audio.

Try to present your message visually and entice people in, without the sound.

Use the Provided Facebook Tools

Facebook is amazing for marketers because the data and tools tell you exactly what your audience likes. Use the provided tools to identify your audience; Facebook uses a huge selection of targeting options to allow you to narrow down exactly who you’re targeting.

This allows you to deliver your content to the people who are the most interested in it.

Test, Test, TEST

Did I mention testing? Always make sure to create at least two variants of every video you create. Test them against each other to find out which is performing better.

Digital marketing is amazing because it allows you to tweak, change and refine your process. If something isn’t working, you can just tweak the ad and change things up.

Video Shows Amazing ROI

Video ads are exciting, 83% of businesses that are using Facebook ads say that video provides a great return on their investment. If you understand that even though video production can be costly and it still is a great ROI if you can create that success without the big upfront costs you will be winning.

You should always focus your videos on trying to have great content and providing value. Don’t worry so much about the quality, what’s important is the message you are trying to get across.

Users are mostly dissatisfied with videos which don’t explain the product or service clearly enough.

Finally, Remember that Video Creates Trust

When people trust your brand or company that is where your foundation for sales and conversion comes from. Building trust with your audience should be one of your main goals.

Content marketing is all about long-term relationships and building trust. Don’t blow your own legs off by trying to sell hard on your video ads.

Let the people come to you by providing amazing content, that has useful and practical application.

Time to Turn Up the Video Advertisements

Now you know why video ads can be so successful it’s time to get started. If you want help creating the very best video content possible, check out our team of San Diego video marketing professionals on our page for more information.

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