10 Questions to Ask a Video Production Company

In 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

With the numbers rising this fast, creating video is what will keep you competitive in the online world. And hiring a video production company in San Diego can get you started right away.

Not sure where to start when searching for the perfect one? Read on to learn 10 questions you should ask when considering a production company.

1. What Kinds of Stories Do You Tell?

Every video production company is going to have a different style. Knowing which one the company you’re considering is important. Are you looking for a comedic video about your product? Look for a company that specializes in humor.

Looking for a company that can evoke emotion from watchers? Find a company whose expertise is in drama or suspense. Understand that some moods are harder to set than others.

In today’s political climate humourous videos are harder to create. Make sure that your company is up to date on current events and trends.

2. What Industries Do You Specialize In?

Some production companies usually work with clients in a specific industry. Whether that industry is financial or higher education you’ll want to get an idea of the specialty of your company.

As a video production company, they will be able to understand how to differentiate your video from the rest of the competition in your industry. You will want a company that is not only experienced but has experience with products like yours.

3. What Does an Average Project Timeline Look Like?

It’s important to be upfront with all deadlines when approaching a video production company. And be realistic about events and areas where you’ll be using this content.

Certain projects may take longer than others. Especially if you are looking for a whole campaign of videos. Ask if the project will require different locations to shoot. As this may extend your deadline even further.

Look out for check-in periods where the company will contact you for updates. If the company expects to complete the project without any updates or revisions, this may be a red flag.

Be reasonable with the timeline of your project. A lot of the time that goes into the overall timeline is usually preparation and editing.

4. Who Will Handle My Revisions?

More often than not, your project will require revisions. In this case, you will want a direct point of contact with your video company as a general number can be frustrating.

You should look for a company who puts one person at the head of your project. This person may have the title of the “team lead” or “account manager.”

Some companies may even give you an inside look at the process. This is to help ensure that your feedback always remains a priority.

5. How Does the Video Production Company Market Themselves?

A good tell of how a San Diego video company will handle your marketing project is how they handle themselves. Does the company have a set branding look? Are they on social media? How did you find out about them?

If the company you are looking at does a very poor job of representing themselves, you may not want to give them your business. After all, if a company can’t represent themselves, they may not do a very good job in representing you or your message.

6. Do They Seem Interested?

The video production company should express interest in the opportunity to handle your project. This interest can come in different forms.

Are they asking questions about what you want and your proposal? Do they make it a point to listen to your concerns? If the company doesn’t seem interested in your vision it may be because it is just another project to them.

Pay attention to the questions they ask to learn more about you and your product. The better the company knows about your business, the better they can tell its story.

7. Can You Get a Quote?

Before the company starts working on anything they should give you a price quote on the project. Some companies may try to avoid giving a quote in an attempt to withhold your project after giving you an overpriced bill.

Don’t shy away from companies that charge a good amount of money. A good video won’t be cheap. What’s important is that the work done matches up with the amount of money they are going to spend.

8. Can They Explain Video Marketing?

Ask some questions regarding video marketing to ensure that the company keeps that purpose in mind. Question how long they think the video will be and why. Every detail of your video should have a purpose behind it.

Feel free to ask how you’ll be able to use the video – whether it’s for social media or an email campaign. You’ll want to make sure they understand the versatility your video will need.

9. Can They Show You the Work of Their Other Clients?

Ask to see the work of their previous clients. Consider the message and industry those clients come from. Think about how they are similar or different from your own.

Look for online reviews of the company to see other points of view on their work. It’s important to know the pros and cons of the company to prepare yourself for any inconveniences.

10. Where Will They Shoot Your Video?

Depending on your message, you may need video shot from different locations. Ask your San Diego production company upfront if they are okay with traveling for the project and what that looks like.

This will also open up negotiations on how travel will be reimbursed. Some video production companies are only interested in shooting locally and won’t be willing to travel. Asking this question early on can help you narrow down your options.

More Video Marketing Tips

Digital media is a must for your marketing strategy. And it’s changing all the time. What is competitive one minute may be the new norm the next.

For more information on San Diego video marketing for your business, check out our website.

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