10 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content

Videos nowadays have way more to offer than just entertainment. And because of the internet, millions of videos can now be seen at a touch of a button. It has even started its own marketing trend: The Video Marketing Era.

So with video marketing, brands are able to connect and increase their engagement with their customers. However, one problem most marketers have when doing video marketing is that their videos don’t get that much engagement anymore as time passes by. But did you know that you can still make use of your old videos and repurpose it?

Here are 10 Brilliant Ways on How to Repurpose Your Video Content:

10 Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Video Content for Social Media and Other Digital Marketing Channels

It makes your videos get searched easily on Google because it also reads the metadata or keywords that come along your videos.

1. Transcribing your videos is one way to repurpose old videos.

Moreover, most viewers prefer watching videos with a caption. Did you know that most videos on Facebook are watched on mute? And not all people can hear audio, so it also helps expand the scope of your viewers.

2. Write and publish a blog post version of the video.

Writing a blog post based from your video helps to explain points in a written more elaborate manner. Viewers tend to view videos more when it is embedded on your blog.

Don't Do Video. Everyone knows that traditional video production cost thousands of dollars, requiring big salaries for in-house editors and yet, turnaround time is extremely slow. So out of this very competitive creative hell on earth, SocialWay Creative was born.

3. Turning your old videos into podcasts.

It is also a great idea to turn your videos into podcasts since both its audio and visual formats can be consumed even on the go.

4. Turning your old videos into presentation slides.

Repurpose your videos by turning them into slideshows
This slideshow has been created from screenshots or video frames of our old video. Click the image to watch the original repurposed video: “Imagine What A Video Can Do.”

The benefit of turning your content into slides can potentially increase your traffic with only less work. It’s also easy to make and fast. Plus it also helps with boosting your SEO if you upload the slides to sites like Linkedin’s SlideShare.

5. Break long videos into short clips.

When engaging videos thru social media, it’s very unlikely that your viewers are going to last watching videos for more than 4 minutes. By breaking your long videos into short clips makes it easier for viewers to easily digest. And also make sure to provide the link to the full video just in case they want to watch it.

6. Use video teasers on your Instagram Stories.

Tease your followers with short clippings of your video through a 10-15 second snip on your Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook story. Teasing always makes one want to have more.

Watch some marketing video teasers and our behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories.

7. Reuse video snippets that answer FAQs.

Some of your old videos might hold answers to a Frequently Asked Question circling all over the internet. You can then turn these old videos into a series of videos answering FAQs by snipping only the relative parts of the video that answer the question.

8. Compile the funny moments caught on camera.

Funny moments while filming videos always get caught on camera, especially when you’re a vlogger. A fun and entertaining way to repurpose these videos is to compile funny parts as a comedy piece and become a break from your usual video engagement.

9.  Create a #BTS (Behind-the-Scenes) video.

Make a behind-the-scenes compilation footage captured from your old videos, so that people from behind the camera also gets to the chance to be seen by your viewers.

Watch the final video here: “Don’t Do Video”

10. Post picturesque or Instagrammable video frames as pictures.

Did you know that most videos on the internet are shot at 30 frames per second? That’s a lot of still images to choose from. You can use it and share it on sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.

Repurposing videos not only prolongs your old videos’ shelf-life, but it also saves you the effort when you feel like you have no new ideas to come up with. But if this still feels like a ton of workload for you, why not consider working with a video marketing agency like SocialWay Creative. With SocialWay Creative, we will help you maximize your old videos and turn in more viewer engagements for you. Click here to learn more about SocialWay Creative’s Content Factory Services, where we repurpose your videos into multiple snack-sized content assets.

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  • Shey

    I learned so much on this post. I will definitely be able to apply this on my blog since I will be starting my youtube channel soon.

    • Yvette Marie

      Great to hear that, AJ! Congratulations! Should you need any help or have questions about optimizing your YouTube Channel, How to Start, and Tools to Use For Getting the Most Views on YouTube, just tell us. We have free guides for those 🙂

  • Cat

    This is actually a great list, I’m considering whether I should get into video content, and this shows me all the ways to keep it going – even more benefits than I realized!

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